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Student Organizations

Hello student organization members and officers! Check out these resources to support your involvement this year: 


For members and officers of your organization, here are some links to help you navigate your organization’s page on the @UVA platform. *Note that only the people listed as “President” and/or “Primary Contact” for your organization will have full access to make edits to your organization’s page on @UVA.

How to Manage your Organization Roster
How to Change/Update your Primary Contact
How to Update your Organization’s Profile
How to Change your Organization’s Profile Picture

Have additional questions about your organization’s page on @UVA? Please email us at or stop by the PAC, room 164A, to see Kelly Chambers, our Program Coordinator for CIO Support.

Meeting Space

To request one of our conference rooms in the PAC for a student organization meeting, please see a PAC Assistant at our front desk in Newcomb 164 during our business hours: Monday - Friday: 8 am - 6 pm.

Hoo's Leading?

Hoo's Leading is a monthly leadership development series that aims to provide meaningful leadership curriculum to student organization members and officers. Advisors are also encouraged to attend. These sessions aim to improve and build upon students’ existing leadership skills and challenge them to become stronger and more effective leaders. The sessions are set up as dialogues co-lead by both staff and students. Session leaders develop curriculum, activities, and a one-sheet handout on a topic and then prepare discussion questions to facilitate dialogue and networking amongst attendees. 

Past session topics include Motivating Members (October 2017) and Delegation Skills (November 2017). Have an idea for a topic you would like to see covered in the future? Email us at

Student Photography Initiative

SPIN was created to help students and student organizations capture their experiences through photography. SPIN primarily focuses on event photography and would consider other ways to be supportive. For more information about SPIN, and to request a photographer, go here.


STUDENT ACTIVITIES SOCIAL MEDIA - Email flyers, images, and/or captions to and our PAC Assistants will post your content to our Student Activities social media. Please follow us on Twitter @UVA_SA and Instagram @uvastudentactivities. 

HOOVIEW and @UVA are two excellent avenues for anyone within the UVA community to advertise events and initiatives on Grounds. Both exist to promote communication among students, faculty, administration, and the Charlottesville community.

·      HooView is a display system for digital advertisements (flyers) across network-enabled screens on Grounds. UVA entities can submit a flyer to HooView for approval.  To submit content for HooView, please visit the @UVA homepage, log in, and click the link under the HooView Submission Form. More details on submissions are included there. 

·      @UVA is our student engagement platform where students explore opportunities to get involved and manage their student organization pages. The platform also includes a bulletin board and calendar for announcements and event details. Primary Contacts for Departments and registered student organizations (CIOs, SSOs, etc.) can go to their page on @UVA and create “News” articles to share event announcements.


·      ONE posting per organization, per event, per board

·      Flyers should not cover up other flyers (slight overlap is ok)

·      All postings are removed on Sunday night

CONNECTIONS is a newsletter distributed every Wednesday and is another way for you to find out what’s going on around Grounds. To submit an item, click here for more information.

UNIVERSITY CALENDAR - To submit an event to the University Calendar go to the website, choose “suggest an event” under “calendar login,” and follow the instructions.

SABOR is a newsletter designed to provide information about new, exciting, and culturally rich experiences occurring within the Hispanic/Latino community in the upcoming issue that may be especially pertinent to the Hispanic/Latino population at UVA. Submit all blurbs to exactly as you would like it to appear.

TABLE TENTS - To advertise in the dining halls, email

CVILLE CALENDAR - List your event on

THAT’S WASSUP is a bi-weekly newsletter sent out via email by the Black Student Alliance. It includes all events, lectures, entertainment, and opportunities catering to the Black community at the University of Virginia. If you would like to submit a blurb to be placed in That's Wassup, email it to

CIO Town Hall

The purpose of the annual CIO Town Hall meetings (held in August) is to connect CIO leaders with one another and inform CIOs on relevant policies and procedures of Newcomb Centers & Services, the StudCo funding process, and CIO resources available to them throughout the academic year. To access this year's CIO Town Hall PowerPoint, please go to Student Council's page here

Learning Outcomes:

After attending the CIO Town Hall, students can: 

·       Say they have bonded/networked with at least 1 other CIO officer/leader

·       Navigate the essentials on their @UVA page

·       Understand how to lead a successful CIO

·       Define hazing and identify hazing prevention resources at UVA  

·       Explain the premise of Green Dot and the POE program

·       Explain the basics on how to reserve spaces on grounds for their CIO

·       Explain the basics of how the StudCo Appropriations process works and how to collaborate w/ Business Services

·       Explain what resources are available to CIOs in the PAC, SAC, and MAC lab  

·       Reference a PowerPoint of CIO Town Hall material & a document of relevant contact info throughout the year as needed