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Student Staff

The Student Activities department offers various student employment opportunities in customer service, event planning, digital media, and design. Our student staff help support the mission and values of Student Activities by fostering a collaborative, inclusive student space (the PAC) and increasing awareness of Student Activities’ programs and resources.

PAC Managers

Lauren Nalley – PAC Manager

Zainab Oni – Assistant PAC Manager

PAC Assistants

Mimi Kinfe - PAC Assistant

Briana Woody - PAC Assistant

Sindhura Elagandhala - PAC Assistant

Vivian Kim - PAC Assistant

Hannah Kirk Nass - PAC Assistant

Communications Assistants

Danielle Dacanay - Communications Assistant

Lona Manik - Communications Assistant

Graphic Designers

Stephanie Soh

Student Photography Initiative (SPIN) Photographers

Xiaoqi Li

Caitlyn Mulcahy

Saadiq Hasan

Katherine Haynes

Fariha Mujeebuddin

Nicholas Zurgis

Charlotte McClintock

Stephanie Ham

Cassandra Plemons